648 SE Frontage Rd

Johnstown CO 80534

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Our Address

TEL: 970-667-5607

EMAIL: lscrv@msn.com

Address Information

All mail coming to and from Loveland Station Campground must have the correct address information.

Including your complete First and Last name and Lot Number

Any mail not addressed correclty will be returned to sender.

If you move away, you must  notify  the office of your forwarding address or mail will be returned to sender.

Thank you for your understanding.

Joe Smith
C/O Loveland Station Campground Lot #9
648 SE Frontage Rd
Johnstown, CO 80534



We welcome leashed well behaved pets.

Pets should be kept under control and quiet at all times. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.  For the safety and enjoyment of others please refrain  from bringing your pets into the Swimming Pool area.  As long as owners are responsible and respectful of others we do not charge a pet fee at this time.

We also do not have breed  restrictions   at this time.


Side-by-side camping
Camp Fires

Speeding over 5mph
Loud music


Rate 's and Fees

Effective February 1st 2016 all rent rates will increase by $10 per month.

The total montly rate is currently $360 plus electricity  of .12 per kw

All rent is due by the 1st of the month.

You will have 5 working days grace period.

After the 5th day a $30 late fee will be charged.

After the 15th day an additional $15 late fee will be charged.

Any insufficient funds will have  a $25 fee added.


Quite Hours: 10:00pm to 8:00am

Parking: No parking  in spots marked as No Parking, No parking in unoccupied sites, please do not block any drives when parking.

Hook-ups: water,  sewer and electric.  Acctach to the correct hook-up DO NOT hook-up to the neighbors.

Dumpsters: Available for household trash ONLY.  No furniture, tires, oil, toxic waste or any large objects in dumpsters.  

Pets: pick up after your pets and keep them quiet.

We do not  offer an RV Dump Site